Hive Helsinki is hiring: Community Manager

Hi you! We have opened a completely new position in Hive Helsinki, Community Manager, and we are excited. To provide you with better understanding not only about the role but also about Hive Helsinki as an organization, we have opened some of our thinking about programming and education but also about our principles and ways of working. We hope you join our team!

About Hive Helsinki

Our goal at Hive Helsinki is to provide...

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That our mission wouldn’t come across just as a bunch of nice words in a row, we have tried to go a bit deeper into what we mean by all this below. So…

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Since its launch in 2019, Hive has attracted over 13,000 applicants from various backgrounds, proving that in addition to the growing coder shortage, we’re seeing an equally growing demand for alternative ways to learn. Our journey keeps on evolving!

Why Community Manager?

The student community has had a special place in the Hive curriculum since day 1. At Hive, we want to build an environment where ideas and knowledge flow free, thus making the program better and more beneficial for all. A well-functioning and thriving community plays a huge part not only in student satisfaction but also in the performance of our students.

We want to support our students the best we can, and that’s why we have now decided to hire a Community Manager whose sole goal is to help the Hive Community live up to its fullest potential.

What Community Manager?

Community Manager’s job is all about building, engaging and nurturing a thriving and inclusive community culture among the Hive student body. You’re not alone in building and maintaining the thriving community – in fact, one of your core goals is to engage our student body to participate in community-building with you.

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To succeed in this task, you need to be enthusiastic about technology, education and helping others reach their full potential. This is a role for a creative self-starter, who enjoys juggling multiple projects simultaneously and thrives in a multicultural environment. You will need great organizational and interpersonal skills, and it would be a great benefit if you’re familiar with coding.

As Hive’s Community Manager, you will be advocating for the Hive student body. You’ll get to innovate and drive student community activities as well as organize events, excursions, get-togethers, games and other activities in collaboration with our students, partners and staff. A big part of the work will center around actively communicating the life of Hive – both internally and externally.

That’s why we hope you have excellent communication skills, experience with social media and that you’re packed with creativity. Everything at Hive happens in English, which is why fluent English is required. We also wish to see demonstrated experience about organizing online and on-site events.

Why apply?

This role will give you a unique opportunity of building and developing a community of passionate, devoted problem-solvers with the potential to make a huge impact on students’ lives. You’ll enjoy a great deal of independence and responsibility in defining this brand new Community Manager role. You’ll work on our campus located in the heart of Kallio, and enjoy a newly renovated facility designed for coworking as well as to promote creativity and well-being for our people.

Last but not least: Meet the Hive Team

Our small and diverse team is made of a multi-talented group of individuals, endlessly curious about the intersection of technology and learning, passionate about building a diverse and inclusive community of problem-solvers. We are hands-on and proactive problem-solvers with a startup mindset and passion for education and inclusion. Read more about us here.

Interested in joining our team and making an impact?

Submit your CV and application including your salary request to no later than 31.10.2021 – we are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.