100 % of Hive graduates have become employed – Hive Helsinki onto the next chapter with new leadership

Four years after founding the coding school, an impressive 100% of Hive Helsinki's 52 graduates have found employment as IT professionals.

Hivers have been hired by the leading companies across various industries, such as F-Secure, Wolt and Unity as well as Terveystalo, National Finnish Opera and Ballet. In fact, this year 5 out of 12 internships at Wolt were awarded to Hivers. And it’s easy to understand why – Hivers end-of-internship evaluations consistently reflect outstanding overall performance, scoring an impressive 4.8 out of 5.

Hive has established its place

Hive Helsinki has also been able to provide a supportive and dynamic learning environment for people with no prior coding experience thus bringing fresh talent to the industry. In fact, last year, 60% of our 93 new students started their coding journey from scratch. Despite the challenges COVID years posed to the school’s peer-to-peer learning, study progression has now returned to the levels prior to 2020.

Hive’s learning model has proven its value and established its place in the Finnish education system. Now the school is ready to shift up its operations towards an even brighter future and bigger impact.

“I am both humbled and proud of the accomplishments of our students as well as our team, who have paved the way for fresh talent in the industry. As I step down and pass the torch to Emilia Puschmann, I am excited to see Hive Helsinki thrive and make a significant impact in the world of coding", says Oona Ylänkö, Hive’s former CEO.

Emilia Puschmann and Drussila Hollanda to lead Hive’s new direction

Leading the exciting transformation are the school's new CEO, Emilia Puschmann, and the new Chairwoman, Drussila Hollanda. Puschmann is enthusiastic about taking Hive Helsinki to the next level, "We'll be focusing on growing and strengthening the school’s operational side to ensure that our students keep on receiving effective top-quality education and being hired as skilled junior coders in leading companies."

Both Puschmann and Hollanda have played a key part in the Hive’s journey for many years already – Hollanda actually kickstarted the Hive project at Supercell in 2017 and has been a Board member since the school opened its doors in 2019.

"Hive is truly one of a kind school in Finland. The team and students have brilliantly proved that the peer-to-peer model works and is in demand", said Hollanda. "Looking ahead, this gives us confidence to hone into another key strength of this model: scalability.”

In summary, Hive Helsinki is setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in the school’s history and laying the foundation for future growth. The Hive team is currently investigating how to increase the reach of Hive's innovative pedagogy – and thereby strive to create an even bigger impact in the future. The goal is to ensure that Hive pedagogy continues to provide students with the skills they need to succeed as well as meet the rapidly evolving demands of world class companies.

If you're looking to take your first steps into the world of code, Hive Helsinki might just be the right place for you. Apply now so you don't miss out on the opportunity while the admission process is in full swing!