Application Dates for 2023!

Get ready: Hive Helsinki is soon looking for the next cohort of future world-class coders and problem-solvers. Mark down these important dates and apply to become a student in Finland’s only peer-to-peer coding school without any teachers or lectures. No previous coding experience needed.

The first step in applying to Hive and diving into the world of code is beating our online game on our admissions website. If you succeed, you’ll be invited to a check-in meeting to learn more about our school.

After the check-in, you can register for a lottery to win a spot at the Piscine – an immersive four-week coding boot camp that will give you a taste of studies at Hive. You don’t need any prior coding skills, just be open-minded and committed to learning. The Piscines are organized in July and August 2023 and determine who gets to start their studies the following October.

Let's dive into it.

Application Dates for 2023

Register for a check-in meeting

Wednesday 01.03.2023 10:00–closing when all the spots are filled

We are organizing four check-in meetings for the applicants – you will choose the one you want to participate in. The check-in meetings introduce the studies at Hive and the Piscine. You will also meet the Hive staff and ask questions.

The registration for the check-in meetings will take place on our admissions website. The registration opens on Wednesday 01.03.2023 at 10:00 and closes when all spots are filled.

Participate in the check-in meeting

You can choose to participate in an online or an on-site check-in meeting. The on-site meetings are organized at our colorful campus in Kallio, Helsinki, and the online meeting will be fully virtual (surprise!). You only need to attend one check-in.

Check-in 1: Wednesday 08.03.2023 - 16:00-18:00
Place: Hive Helsinki campus

Get a feel of our campus and meet some of our students.

Check-in 2: Wednesday 22.03.2023 - 16:00-18:00
Place: Online

Can’t attend the check-in at the Hive campus? Participate online.

Check-in 3: Saturday 01.04.2023 - 13:00-15:00
Place: Hive Helsinki Campus

Visiting Hive Helsinki on a Saturday afternoon, what a dream!

Check-in 4: Wednesday 3.05.2023 - 16:00-18:00
Place: Online

Final opportunity to proceed with your application! Attend the online check-in, learn about Hive and the Piscine, ask your questions, and meet our team.

OK, cool, what happens after that?

After participating in the check-in, you will register for a lottery pool to win a spot at either one of the Piscines. You can decide whether you want to apply for the July Piscine or the August Piscine.

The Piscine spots are decided through a random selection which we believe is the fairest and reduces the feeling of competition.

Register for the lottery pool

Monday 22.05.2023 10:00-11:00

Decide which Piscine you want to participate in and register for the lottery pool for that Piscine. The registration happens on the admissions page on Monday 22.05.2023 and is open for only one hour between 10:00-11:00 – don’t miss it! Everyone who has participated in a check-in since 2019, can register for the lottery. Moreover, applicants who have attended a check-in previously, but have not win the lottery will have a slightly higher chance of getting selected in the lottery.

Discover your lottery result

Wednesday 24.05.2023 at 10:00

The lottery results will be announced on Wednesday 24.05.2023 at 10:00. You will get an email with your result, woop, how exciting!

Confirm your spot at the Piscine

Congratulations, you won the lottery! Next up, you will confirm your spot at the Piscine.

For July Piscine: Confirm your spot on Monday 12.06.2023 between 10:00-24:00
For August Piscine: Confirm your spot on Monday 24.07.2023 between 10:00-24:00

Piscine July

Monday 26.06.-Friday 21.07.2023

Piscine July takes place between 26.06 - 21.07.2023 and has 180 spots available. And yes, we call this a July Piscine even though it starts in June. We’re mysterious like that.

Piscine August

Monday 07.08.-Friday 01.09.2023

Piscine August takes place between 07.08 - 01.09.2023 and has 180 spots available.

Studies Starting Date

Monday 23.10.2023

You’ve made it to Hive! Congratulations, your journey into code begins on Monday 23.10.2023.

Aaaaand, that’s all, folks! Ready to launch your future-proofed career and grow into a world-class coder and problem-solver? See you at Hive.

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