Career Day at Hive Helsinki

On the 30th of January Hivers had the pleasure of spending an engaging day focusing on relevant soft skills required to enter the workforce. Recruitment professionals from our partner network came together at Hive to organize our very first Career Day. As students get ready for their internships, this was an opportunity to get firsthand tips on how to create excellent application documents, present learned expertise and succeed in recruitment processes.

Industry perspectives

Hive Helsinki is fortunate to have the forefront of technology companies as partners to support students in scoring the best possible internship and employment opportunities.

The agenda of the day covered topics from finding suitable positions and preparing for the process, all the way to displaying relevant skills and navigating the interview stages.

Agenda of the day

  • How to find jobs and approach a company
  • LinkedIn Best Practices, Github Tips and Tricks
  • CV & Cover Letter
  • The Recruitment Process
  • Interview Process
  • Skills assessment & Technical assignments
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • What you might want to look out for
  • Salary expectations and negotiations

What did we learn?

Our biggest learnings included the outlined aspects that recruiters are actively looking for within stages of the intern hiring process. With junior or internship recruitments, the employer is usually screening for team work abilities and relevant soft skills and not expecting them to know everything yet - trainees are tested for their future potential.

Displaying one's coding skills and technical assessments used in recruitment turned out to be intriguing subjects, especially since many of the diverse student body have no previous experience from the technology sector and its unique recruitment practices.

What did Hivers think?

“It was great to hear tips, tricks and insights from the actual people who are in the position to hire upcoming interns like us, or know how the process works in their respective companies.”

“I have been looking forward to this day ever since it was announced. I'm so happy and proud to be a part of Hive. I cannot express my gratitude enough. All the presenters gave us excellent information. I have been spending my time after school making suggested updates. Thank you again so much for organizing this event. Thank you to the partner companies who provided invaluable feedback and knowledge!

“Awesome event! Each presentation was full of very useful information and tips; I got a lot out of the day. A big thanks to the organisers and partner companies who made this event happen!”

Thank you!

One key metric we use to measure our success at Hive is securing and achieving best possible circumstances to support students long term employment and career progression. We place a great amount of value in providing Hivers with future-proof skills that are essential for succeed in the working life. The core is coding but the skills our students acquire are so much more. Every day Hivers learn problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, independence and responsibility.

Our partners support in these matters is huge and for that we want to warmly thank them!