Hive Helsinki facilities closed until at least 27.3.2020

With the most recent news regarding the coronavirus, Hive has closed its facilities today at 3PM for at least 14 days.

Our students' and staff's health and safety are our top priority and we want to do our part in taking the necessary steps to help slow down the spreading of the virus and alleviate the toll it takes on the Finnish healthcare system.

What does this mean to our students?

Despite our connection to technology, we are not an online school. Hive offers the revolutionary program of Ecole 42, which has replaced the traditional teacher-student setting with a combination of peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creative problem-solving.

To support this model, we built a collaborative space, accessible 24/7 all days of the year, conducive for group work and the free-flowing exchange of ideas and knowledge. Losing access to this space, along with our equipment, is far from ideal and creates obvious challenges to our students and staff.

However, it is in exceptional times like these, that Hive's values and culture truly come into play. As a community of creative problem-solvers, equipped with the skill to navigate in the unknown as a group and share knowledge as we go, we are best defined by our ability to crack complex puzzles by taking it one step and day at a time. Students and staff are currently working together to come up with solutions that ensure learning can continue with minimal interruptions by incorporating remote studying methods, where possible. If there is a school that knows how to solve complex problems together, it's ours.

What if a student does not have the necessary equipment at home?

Hive's students primarily work on iMacs that the school provides. While some are able to study remotely, unfortunately, not all of our students have the necessary equipment to continue working on school projects from home. It would be important not to let this situation impact the learning and progress of these students.
If you or your organization has a spare laptop (preferred equipment: OSx > Mac book / iMac / Mac book air) that you would be willing to lend to a Hiver, please contact for next steps. It would be of great help.

What does this situation mean to admissions?

We have made the decision to postpone the starting date of our new students until further notice and are currently looking into making adjustments to our admissions processes (e.g. organizing virtual check-ins as opposed to in-person ones). Our decision-making will be based on the overall assessment on the safety of the school, information from authorities and input from other 42 schools.

Information regarding these changes will be updated on our website, under How To Apply -> Important Dates and via email to all those who have passed the online tests.

Practical information regarding Hive's closure:

Main Studies • School facilities are closed until at least 27.3.2020
• No evaluations for two weeks
• Students can continue to work on projects from home and have access to the intranet and student Slack
• Student counsellor is available via Skype

New Students from Piscine III • Starting date is postponed until further notice

Company visits and events (Inauguration & Honey the Hackathon) • Cancelled until further notice

Admissions • The 18.4.2020 check-in meeting will be organized via live stream, more information to follow
• Online test remains open and Piscine dates still stand

For any questions and concerns, you can reach us at

Thank you for you patience and understanding during these exceptional times and hope to see you soon at Hive.

Hive Staff