Hive Helsinki Kicking Off the Admission Process Again

After delaying the admission process twice, we’re happy to announce that Piscines will be organized again this summer. In this blog, we’ll let you know where Hive Helsinki is standing now regarding the admission process, and what has been advanced behind the scenes.

Fast forward through 2020: we had to close the school twice. We were neither able to host Piscines IV & V the whole year. Although we understand that the decision to postpone Piscines caused inconvenience especially to our already selected swimmers, the decision was not that hard after all. In our decision-making, the safety of our students and applicants will always overthrow the inconvenience.

Starting the 2021 with new plans, more resources and more knowledge

Fortunately, now when starting 2021, we are in a better situation. Unlike in 2020, we now have resources to ensure that a Piscine – on-site or virtual – will take place this summer, despite the challenges COVID-19 might still pose at us.

The concept of Piscines is built and developed entirely for the physical presence of Swimmers and their ability to learn together with their peers. That is why hosting Piscines on-site will always be our priority. However, if the COVID-19 restrictions are prolonged, and the vaccination scheme does not advance as quickly as expected, we have determined to enable the intake of new students with the help of virtual Piscines. And we're prepared for that.

We have spent the last months working on ensuring a safe way to kick-off Hive activities once again. Now, we’re happy to let you know that the new dates for Piscines IV & V have been set. Moreover, we have also decided to host Piscine VI which is open for new applicants as well.

So, if you’re interested in learning to code at Hive, check out How to Apply to Hive Helsinki. Or share these news with that friend of yours who you think would rock it. And remember: zero experience needed.

We will let you know more about the exact schedule for this spring’s admission process on February 18th at and on our social media – so stay tuned!