Hive Helsinki partners with Business College Helsinki for official vocational level degrees

Hive Helsinki partners with Business College Helsinki to offer the opportunity for Hive’s students to get a vocational level degree as a Software Developer. Hive’s basic studies can be complemented at Business College Helsinki to complete the qualification of a Software Developer.

Studying at Hive Helsinki does not grant the students an official degree. Hive’s pedagogy leans on the idea that what matters the most is what our students can do and that our students can demonstrate their knowledge through projects they’ve done. However, Hive wants to open doors to different career options and we recognize that some of these paths may require an official degree.

Hive students need to inform on the decision to complete a degree before entering their first internship. Business College Helsinki staff member will support the student in their studies at Business College Helsinki and ensure the degree is completed according to their standards.

“Partnering with Business College Helsinki means that Hive is now able to offer this new pathway to the working life. We believe that this is a good start and an asset for our students, especially for those who may not yet have a secondary level degree”, comments Oona Ylänkö, CEO of Hive Helsinki.