Hive Helsinki Returns to First-Come, First-Served Piscine Registrations

Hive Helsinki will no longer use the lottery system to determine who gets a spot in the Piscine. Instead, applicants register for the Piscine directly through the website. Spots are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

What Does This Mean for Applicants?

Spots are allocated based on the order of registrations. This means applicants need to pay close attention to the Piscine registration date and time. If you're too late to register your spot, you'll be placed on the waiting list.

It is pretty simple: if Hive organizes a Piscine with 100 spots, the first 100 candidates that register on the application website get their spots secured.

The application process will be more straightforward, making it easier for applicants to know right away whether they have secured a spot in the Piscine:

Step 1: Try the online game

Step 2: Attend a check-in event
Place: online or at Hive campus

Step 3: Register your spot at the Piscine

Step 4: Participate in the Piscine
Place: Hive Helsinki campus

Why Aren't We Using the Lottery Anymore?

The lottery was initially introduced after Hive’s launch in 2019 due to an unexpectedly high demand for Piscine spots. These spots were booked in a matter of seconds, causing understandable confusion and frustration for our applicants.

Since then, the application funnel has balanced, allowing us to return to the normal system of allocating Piscine spots to those who book them first through This system is used in all schools belonging to the 42 Network.

What Is the Piscine?

The Piscine is a free, 4-week coding boot camp that determines who qualifies to become a Hive student.

Hive has no maximum or minimum student admittance, eliminating any sense of competition from the Piscine. Applicants are selected based on various factors, including their ability to work with others. Last year, 62% of admitted students had no previous coding experience.

When Is the Next Piscine, and When Can You Register?

Our next Piscines will be held during Winter 2024.

Register for the Piscines: Monday, 4.12. at 12:00
Place: The apply page

Piscine January: 08.01 - 02.02.2024
Place: Hive Helsinki campus, 110 spots

Piscine February: 12.02 - 08.03.2024
Place: Hive Helsinki campus, 110 spots

Start of Studies: Monday, 15.04.2024

The Hive staff wishes you the best of luck with the application process! 🚀