Hive Helsinki updates the process for its Selection Piscine registration

Hive Helsinki’s application process is quite different from what we are typically used to seeing in Finland. Made up of three steps, our applications process is always open, always rolling and allows students to enroll twice a year.

When we first opened our applications, we were dealing with quite a few unknowns: we did not know how many people would apply, how many people would pass the 1st phase test, attend check-ins or register to Selection Piscines. We built our process around statistics and patterns we were seeing in other schools within the 42 Network, but have only been able to understand how this system works in Finland since completing our first Selection Piscines this Summer.

Our biggest learnings have been around understanding the demand in our application funnel. Since Hive’s launch, over 11,000 people have registered to our application website and over 3,300 people have passed the first phase test. Of them, some 1,000 have passed the check-in and are eligible to register to a Piscine.

In our last Piscine registration, Piscine spots were given on a first-come-first-serve basis, as it is done in all schools that belong to the 42 Network. However, due to the unexpectedly high demand, spots were booked in a matter of seconds, causing understandable confusion and frustration for our applicants. We received feedback that many felt that the process favored applicants with a speedy internet connection and the ability to click a button at the right moment.

For our next Selection Piscine taking place from 3.2.2020 to 28.2.2020 for 70 applicants, we will update the process. To make the registration less stressful and pressured, we are now moving to a random selection system. Instead of giving spots to the fastest clickers, applicants can now enter themselves into a lottery pool, from which candidates are randomly selected once the registration closes.

The registration will be open on our application website for an hour on 9.12.2019 11:00 to 12:00. Applicants who have attended last Spring’s check-ins will have a slightly higher chance of getting selected. We will additionally randomly select 20 applicants to a waiting list, in case any of the selected candidates choose not to attend.

We believe this system is the fairest way to give the opportunity to try the Selection Piscine and will reduce the feeling of competition. The Selection Piscine itself is after all not a competition and there is no set number of students that we would have to select. As long as you meet the criteria you can be selected!

Learn more about this Summer’s Piscines here.

Important dates
Registration for the February Piscine
Date: Dec 9th 2019
Time: 11:00 to 12:00
Place: Application website

February Piscine: Confirm Attendance
Date: Jan 13th 2020
Time: 15:00 to 18:00
Place: Hive Helsinki Campus
February Piscine
Dates: Feb 3rd - Feb 28th 2020
Place: Hive Helsinki Campus

School starts
Date: Mar 30th 2020
Time: 10:00
Place: Hive Helsinki Campus

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