Hive’s students eligible for financial student aid

Hive Helsinki’s application for financial student aid was approved by Kela (The Social Insurance Institution). The approval of the application means that Hive’s students are now eligible to apply for financial student aid.

The benefits will concern the core part of the studies that last approximately eight months, which is when Hive students are expected to study full-time.

This summer Parliament of Finland approved the Government’s proposal for a law regarding a change on the Act on Financial Aid for Students. The terms for getting student financial aid in other than public education were made more flexible. Previously the school had to have been operational for at least a year before receiving the right for vocational level benefits. This new Act on Financial Aid for Students enabled Hive to submit application regarding student benefits during August 2019.

Starting your studies at Hive this October? Read more about how you can apply for financial aid from Kela's page. If you want to apply for student aid starting already on October, be sure to apply for it before or during October already.