Important Dates of 2021 Admission Process

Below, we have listed all the important dates for the 2021 Admission Process. Open your calendars and let’s go!

Hi there! Like we revealed in the previous blog post, we are excited to announce the important dates for the 2021 Admission Process. Piscines will take place this year, and there will be no two but three Piscines! So, open your calendar and set reminders for the dates below.

Important Dates for Admission Process

Check-in Registration Date
Check-in registration will take place at the Admission website 2 weeks prior to the Check-in day, on 30.3.2021.

Check-in day aims to introduce the applicant to Hive and some of its staff. This year’s Check-in day will be organized fully virtually. We will provide you with more information later in the spring.

The Check-in date will be organized on 13.4.2021.

Piscine Registration Date (lottery)
At Hive Helsinki, the Piscine spots are decided through a random selection which we believe is the fairest and will also reduce the feeling of competition. If you have attended a Check-in meeting, and have not participated in a Piscine before, you can register yourself into a lottery pool, from which candidates are randomly selected once the registration closes. Read more about the Piscine selection process here.

The registration to the lottery will be opened on the Admission website one week after the check-in, on 20.4.2021 at 11-12.

Piscine Attendance Confirmation Date
Spots for Piscine will always be confirmed two weeks prior to each Piscine.

For Piscine IV: 10.5.2021 at 10-24
For Piscine V: 21.6.2021 at 10-24
For Piscine VI: 2.8.2021 at 10-24

Piscine Dates
The Piscine is an immersive four-week training on campus that will give you a taste of our education model and define who will enroll in the school. Everyone dives into the deep end of coding and you learn to swim together. You don’t need any prior coding skills, just be open and ready for hard work.

Swimmers for Piscine IV have already been selected. But Piscines V and VI have open spots for new applicants that are to be selected at the upcoming lottery in April: 40+ at Piscine V and all the 150 spots at Piscine VI.

Piscine IV, clusters 1 and 2, 150 swimmers: 24.5-18.6.2021
Piscine V, clusters 1 and 2, 150 swimmers: 5-30.7.2021
Piscine VI, clusters 1 and 2, 150 swimmers: 16.8-10.9.2021

Studies Starting Date
The studies at Hive Helsinki begin four weeks from the announcement of the Piscine VI results on 25.10.2021.

That’s about it! We will dive deeper into the different stages of the Admission Process and how it is to study at Hive later in the spring on our social media. How are Piscines as an experience? What is peer-to-peer learning? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn to find out.

Last but not least: don’t forget to Apply to Hive Helsinki. You can also find all this same information behind the link.