Important Dates of the 2022 Admission Process

Below, we have listed all the important dates for the 2022 Admission Process. Scroll down, open your calendar and we’re off!

Year has turned, and January is meeting its end. It means it’s time to share the 2022 admission dates with all of you. This year Hive Helsinki is organizing two Piscines in June-July and August-September that are open to all the new applicants as well as to older applicants who haven’t yet got a chance to try their wings at a Piscine.

Are you interested in rewriting your future in code? All you need to do is to beat the online game at our website. No coding is needed – only logic. If you succeed, you’ll be invited to a check-in which enables you to move forward with the admission process. We wish you the best of luck! But without further ado…

Important Dates of the 2022 Admission Process

Check-in Registration Date

Check-in registration will take place at the Admission website 2 weeks prior to the Check-in day, on 28.04.2022 at 10:00. The check-in registration closes when all spots are filled.


Check-in day aims to introduce the applicant to Hive and some of its staff, and it will be organized fully virtually.

The Check-in date will be organized virtually on 12.5.2022 at 13.00-15.00.

Lottery for Piscines IV and V

At Hive Helsinki, the Piscine spots are decided through a random selection which we believe is the fairest and will also reduce the feeling of competition. If you have attended a Check-in meeting, and have not participated in a Piscine before, you can register yourself into a lottery pool, from which candidates are randomly selected once the registration closes. Read more about the Piscine selection process here.

The lottery takes place on the Admission website on 23.05.2022 between 10:00-11:00.

Lottery Results

We will communicate the lottery results to the participants two days after the lottery on 25.05.2022 at 10:00.


The Piscine is an immersive four-week training on campus that will give you a taste of our education model and define who will enroll in the school. Everyone dives into the deep end of coding and you learn to swim together. You don’t need any prior coding skills, just be open and ready for hard work.

Piscine Attendance Confirmation Date

Spots for Piscine need to be confirmed well ahead of each Piscine.

For Piscine IV: 13.06.2022 between 10:00-24:00
For Piscine V: 25.07.2022 between 10:00-24:00

Piscine IV

Piscine IV takes place between 27.6 - 22.7.2022 and has 150 spots available. Our intention is to organize an on-site Piscine but we’re prepared to shift to online if COVID restrictions apply.

Piscine V

Piscine V takes place between 8.8 - 2.9.2022 and has 150 spots available. Our intention is to organize an on-site Piscine but we’re prepared to shift to online if COVID restrictions apply.

Studies Starting Date

The next year of studies at Hive Helsinki begins on Monday 24.10.2022.

Pheew! That was a long but important list. You can always reach this same information easily from How to Apply. But now, thanks for reading this far and hope to see you in the check-in!

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