Inside Hive Helsinki's Beecoming Ceremony

In the buzzing heart of Helsinki, a unique celebration of innovation and collaboration takes place annually at Hive Helsinki's "Beecoming" Ceremony. The event celebrates the graduation of its students, marking their development into skilled coders ready to shape the digital landscape.

Hive Helsinki Beecoming 2023 graduates in audience

The Hive Helsinki Experience

Hive Helsinki is no ordinary school. It's a community of creative problem-solvers, learning both technical and practical soft skills by working together – all driven by each other's ambitions to become world-class coders. It is not an easy journey; studying at Hive Helsinki requires resilience, motivation, autonomy, collaboration and time management. Everything that happens within Hive Helsinki is up to the students and the community. There are no teachers or traditional school personnel to help.

Hive Helsinki Beecoming 2023 guests and graduates

Embracing the Hive Mindset

At the core of Hive Helsinki's philosophy lies the belief in peer-to-peer project-based learning and the growth of anyone, regardless of background. As students start their journey into code, they immerse themselves in a hive mentality, collaborating and learning from each other. The students proactively seek and share knowledge, while tackling real-world problems and supporting each other along the way. At the Beecoming Ceremony the graduates celebrate not just personal achievements but also the collective success of the entire cohort.

Hive Helsinki Beecoming 2023 graduates mingling

Excelling in new careers

Hive Helsinki graduates have achieved something remarkable. By showcasing their incredible amount of dedication and commitment to hard work they have changed their lives and unlocked a new career path. We can see this success concretely, as Hivers have secured jobs in over 80 companies, even companies that have been known never to hire junior talent. We hear time and time again from the industry employers that Hivers outperform their roles and tasks right from the start. This is because they are hands-on, resilient and rigorous problem solvers that can hit the ground running and contribute to the team from day one.

Hive Helsinki Beecoming 2023 Ilkka Paananen

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

We want to extend a HUUUGE congratulations to the new graduates and wish you all the best going forward in your careers. Thank you for your contribution to the Hive community <3

Hive Helsinki Beecoming Class of 2023