Launch and succeed in your career as a coder -breakfast event

Get ready to discover the tips and tricks for launching and succeeding in your career as a coder on November 16th!

Join Hive Helsinki and Women in Tech for an event that will set you on the path to success in your coding career. Whether you're curious about coding, a complete beginner, or an experienced coder, this event is for you!

During this breakfast event, you'll have the opportunity to learn from the alumni of Hive Helsinki who now work at Wolt, F-Secure, Nokia, and SSH Communications.

No previous experience in coding is required to join!

The event requires registration. There are limited spots available so be quick!

Register here!


08:30-09:00 - Breakfast 🥐
09:00-09:15 - Welcome and Careers after Hive 🐝
09:15-09:40 - Experience at Hive Helsinki 💡
09:40-10:05 - Getting that Job in IT 🔍
10:05-10:30 - Life of a Coder + Tips for Getting Your First Job as a Coder
10:30-10:50 - Building a Career Within a Company 🚀


Address: Hive Helsinki, 4th floor, Haapaniemenkatu 5A, 00530 Option to use elevator and accessible campus.

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