Next Check-in and Piscine Dates

We have just announced our next Check-in and Piscine dates! You can already register for the check-in events, but be fast: spots are limited.

Next check-ins:

Wednesday 22.11. 14:00-15:30
Place: Hive Helsinki campus

Wednesday 22.11. 17:00-18:30
Place: Hive Helsinki campus

Wednesday 30.11. 16:00-17:00
Place: Online

Next Piscines:

Piscine January: 08.01 - 02.02.2024
Place: Hive Helsinki campus

Piscine February: 12.02 - 08.03.2024
Place: Hive Helsinki campus

The registration for the Piscines opens later!

Start of studies: Monday 15.04.2024

Hive’s application process, explained:

Step 1: Pass our online game. Be patient while doing it!

Step 2: Register for a check-in event through the application website.

Step 3: Attend a mandatory check-in event to learn more about our school and the Piscine. You only need to attend one check-in.

Step 4: Register for the Piscine, our one-month intense coding boot camp at the Hive Helsinki campus which determines who gets to start their studies at Hive. More information regarding when you can register for the Piscine will follow soon!

Step 5: Take a deep dive into the world of code at the Piscine. No previous experience required! Just be open-minded, ready to work, help others, and learn.

Step 6: Wait for the student selection results!

Step 7: Start your full-time studies at Hive and launch your future-proofed career on Monday 15.04.2024

That’s it! The registration for the Piscines will open later on. Ready to dive into the world of code?

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