On-site Piscine starts today at the campus for the first time after 2020!

We’ve been waiting for this day intensely, and we know you’ve been too. It’s the starting date of our fourth Piscine, AND we can finally host it on the campus after two years of virtual life due to the thing-that-shall-not-be-named. Welcome to dive into the deep end of coding, our swimmers! 💦

Today marks the start of Piscine IV, an immense four-week boot camp in Hive’s application process. 131 applicants will attend the Piscine to learn the basics of C programming, and code like there is no tomorrow! We require no previous programming or technical experience – the applicants only need to know how to use a mouse and keyboard.

“In this selection phase, the applicants will get a taste of Hive’s revolutionary pedagogy based on peer-to-peer learning. It’s a good way for the applicants to test if the Hive pedagogy fits them, and on the other hand, for the school to evaluate whether the applicant showcases qualities needed to succeed at Hive, such as cooperation skills and motivation”, says Oona Ylänkö, Hive’s CEO.

Unlike other entrance examinations, the Piscine is not a competition: the applicants need to work together to be able to move forward. Why? Because collaboration is essential to succeed in the real world, and so it is in Hive.

“Our teaching philosophy is based on peer-to-peer learning and evaluation. The applicants in the trial period Piscine don’t compete with each other, as everyone who passes Piscine will be accepted as actual Hive students”, says Ylänkö.

It’s gonna be a wild and exciting ride. 🎢🎡 Welcome aboard!

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