Summer 2024 Piscines are starting

On Monday 24.6 Hive Helsinki is welcoming the first batch of swimmers to the Summer Piscines. The “Piscine” is the last stage of the application process at Hive Helsinki. During four intense and immersive weeks the applicants test their skills in coding, problem solving and teamwork. All hoping to secure a spot in the new cohort that starts their studies at Hive Helsinki on the 28th of October.

This summer we are hosting three Piscines:

  • Piscine 1: 24.06 - 19.07.2024 (120 applicants)
  • Piscine 2: 29.07 - 23.08.2024 (150 applicants)
  • Piscine 3: 02.09 - 27.09.2024 (150 applicants)

At Hive we don´t have a minimum or maximum amount of student admittance; out of those who make it through the Piscine we select the ones that are suitable for studies at Hive Helsinki. The selection is based on a variety of factors, including for example teamwork skills.

Usually around one third make the selection, which means there will be around 140 new students starting at Hive this fall, in what is the seventh cohort so far.

Studies at Hive Helsinki are completely free of charge and so is the Piscine. So even if you don't make it past the Piscine you walk away with coding fundamentals from a free 4 week coding bootcamp, improved collaboration skills and a really good learning experience!

Read more about the Piscine here and start your application journey to a future-proof career in coding!