Take a dip in the Winter Piscine

Due to high demand Hive Helsinki is this year hosting two Winter Piscines; one in January and one in February, with a total of 220 new applicants. These are already fully booked, but if you´re interested in studying at Hive there are several Piscines coming up during the summer of 2024.

What Piscine?

Hive Helsinki Winter Piscine 2024 - Pic 2

The Piscine (that’s French for swimming pool) is the final step of applying to Hive Helsinki. It is not just another coding bootcamp but an immersive four-week training on campus that will give you a taste of the way we work. You’ll be coding your heart out with other candidates, all hoping to earn the same prize: to enroll as a full-time student at Hive Helsinki.

Hive Helsinki Winter Piscine 2024 - Pic 3

Diversity in every byte

The Piscine is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and experiences. No matter where you come from or what your story is, you're welcome. This diversity makes the learning environment rich, fun, and unique. For the February Piscine we are proudly welcoming an all time high of non-male applicants: 47,23%!

Hive Helsinki Winter Piscine 2024 - Pic 4

At Hive Helsinki we have no other application criteria than an age limit of 18 years. No prior experience, education or certification is needed. As long as you are 18 years old and ready to put in a real effort, you can apply.

Hive Helsinki Winter Piscine 2024 - Pic 5

Peer-to-peer learning

Hive Helsinki is no ordinary school - there are no teachers, books or lectures. Instead our students work together on real life projects, helping each other advance by seeking and sharing knowledge.

Hive Helsinki Winter Piscine 2024 - Pic 6

This cultivates collaboration and fosters the proactive problem solving skills that enable our graduates to hit the floor running when they transition into work life after the studies.

Are you looking for a career change and want to learn to code? Read more about how to apply here and get started on your journey to become a world-class coder!