The Time Has Come: First Hivers Are About to Embark the Real World of Work

Hive Helsinki has now reached a memorable landmark in its history – we are currently proud to observe our first batch of students beginning their journey in the real world of work after finalizing their core studies and the first internship. In this blog, we’ll share results and experiences from those internships.

First Hivers have now finished their internships, the first opportunity for students to enter the working life as professional coders, and many more Hivers are searching for their internships as we speak. The transformation from a student to a coder signifies a chance for Hivers to truly showcase their understanding of code, ability to solve problems and constantly learn more. All those things they have been working on hard for over a year.

The experiences have been more than promising, and we have been bursting to share the results with the rest of the world. So...

First things first – what are the roles that Hivers have secured so far?

The most common role title is without a doubt Junior Developer. In addition, Hivers have also had many other career paths, such as:

🔸 Cloud Architect
🔸 Python Back End Developer
🔸 Security Intern
🔸 Research Intern
🔸 Software Developer Intern
🔸 UX Specialist
🔸 Mobile Developer Trainee
🔸 Game Programmer Trainee
🔸 Junior eCommerce Developer
🔸 Software Integration Trainee
...and many more

Who have these interns been mentored by?

One of the most valuable aspects in the internships, is the guidance and support from experienced professionals. Our students are mentored most commonly by the CTO, a Software Engineer, a Lead Architect or by the CEO themself.

And what do these mentors think of our Hivers?

quote jari

quote teemu

quote sharbel

In addition to the verbal evaluations, the numeric evaluations communicate the same appreciation towards Hivers' contributions: 100 % of the Hivers have so far scored the highest mark, excellent, in their final evaluation on their overall performance.

Hivers scored lowest in confidence, where their nevertheless outstanding score was 67 % excellent & 33 % good. It is rather normal to have moments of uncertainty in the first job in your field, and the confidence will be built through time and successes. We couldn’t be prouder!

On the lookout for more great stories to be shared

It has been inspiring to watch Hivers, these skilled and curious junior professionals, grow and bloom in their newly found careers. As Hive doesn’t know academic calendar, and success in the working-life is the highest goal of Hive’s pedagogy, Hivers are ready and on the lookout for internships in great companies throughout the year. If you are interested in hiring a Hiver or learning more about the collaboration between Hive and companies across all industries, contact Emilia (, Hive’s Head of Career Services.