Is your future written in code?

Careers after Hive

Coding is a high demand skill that opens doors like no other. Hive's two-part higher-education level program is designed to unlock your potential, whether you aspire to work in top tech companies, to solve big problems in the world or to create your own products and services. If you can dream it, you can code it.

Career paths

Get yourself prepared for a dynamic technology marketplace and opportunities beyond typical jobs in a wide variety of industries and organizations.
Software engineering
Infrastructure management
Creative industries

Alumni Stories

Jiri Novotny

Security Researcher at Ericsson

"The key in succeeding in my job is a good level of self-management as well as fast-paced learning, complex problem solving, critical thinking and ability to hold the bigger picture in mind are crucial skills in this position. Hive helped me to discover my passion, talents and definitely turned my life for the better.

Two of the most important things I’ve learned at Hive are the ability to learn efficiently and not judging without enough information. Hive’s pedagogy with practical problem-solving and peer-to-peer learning felt somehow symbiotic with my nature, in contrast with the classic university approach. Hive has also helped me to understand that problems originate from many different perspectives, and without understanding the underlying context and diverse reasoning, one's judgement is generally wrong."

Diana Mukaliyeva

Software Engineer at

"My team is responsible for image and video rendering services. In my daily work, I’m implementing new features, fixing bugs, monitoring and improving the performance of the service. I’m really happy at where I’m right now because I get to work with great teammates and learn new things every day.

The skills that I need the most are coding and devops skills, being a fast learner and a team player as well as not being afraid of taking responsibility and asking “stupid” questions. Studying at Hive gave me both the skills and confidence in the job interview to score the job but also taught me how to work in a team and learn things by doing. At Hive, I also met people who motivated me to complete all the projects I did as well as search for coding jobs."

Hoang Son Pham

iOS Developer at

Two most important skills I learnt at Hive for the working life are the never-give-up attitude as well as problem-solving skills, i.e. how to think logically. I actually think Hive studies and working life have some key things in common: You spend your time solving problems and advancing projects, you have no lecture, teacher or any material that guides you, and you have to figure things out by yourself with only Google and your team or classmates as your help.

In the end, it was the coding projects I did in Hive and in my personal time as well as the help that I got from my classmates and Hive’s Career Services with my CV and Cover letter, that helped me get coding interviews – as well as my first job.