Careers after Hive

Coding is a high demand skill that opens doors like no other. Hive's 3-year higher-education level program is designed to unlock your potential, whether you aspire to work in top tech companies, to solve big problems in the world or to create your own products and services.

Career paths

Get yourself prepared for a dynamic technology marketplace and opportunities beyond typical jobs in a wide variety of industries and organizations.
Software engineering
Infrastructure management
Creative industries

Alumni Stories

Anthony Jodin

Digital Factory Tech Analyst at Danone

This former pastry chef got interested in computer science, but no schools would accept his application, due to his lack of scientific background. He applied to 42, after hearing about it from a friend. He did well and received many job offers before graduating. Now at Danone, he is building the integration layer of their main websites all over the world. "I am using very cool technologies and cloud services to do so. I am also using my technical skills, the ability to solve problems and think outside of the box, which 42 gave me."

Hana Khelifa

Founder of Niklux startup, ex-Project Manager at Dior

Hana decided to try coding at 42, inspired by the school’s concept and everyday apps she uses. She also studied business and art, to combine all her interests. Her first internship was as a Project Manager at the luxury brand Dior, managing their developing team. “I was able to understand both the business side and the coding side. To understand product as much as how it’s made. It’s made me an interesting asset for the company, so they hired me”. She’s now building her own startup, NIKLUX, whose mission is to accelerate the adoption and use of reusable products.

Daniel Saadia

Co-founder and CTO of Les Sherpas

With a teaching and Business school background, Daniel had launched an online tutoring business one year before joining 42. He’d been interested in coding as a teenager, but only after his company, he realized he’d benefit from learning how to code. He chose 42 because it’s one of the best coding schools in France and tuition-free. “Learning how to code helped me do what I wanted to do. We didn’t have our own product, now we do.” He’s hired two more 42 students for his startup. “We can do great things, thanks to 42 and the people I met there.”

We connect with companies

Required internships

Internships are a great way for students to get hands-on experience and connect with potential future employers. Our students are required to complete two internships of at least 4-6 months. In our partner school 42, 55% of students have job offers after their first internship.

Industry collaboration

We collaborate with the best companies and organizations in Finland and beyond in order to enrich students’ learning process and connect them with the industry. Hackathons, student projects and a variety of guest speakers are just some examples.

Modern curriculum

Technology is a field that evolves rapidly. Hive connects with leaders in the industry and academic field to ensure our curriculum stays relevant over the years. We are committed to giving the students of today the tools to solve the problems of tomorrow.