Unique and proven curriculum

Hive’s curriculum is based on the pioneering program and content of Ecole 42. With great results in 42 Paris, this program is now used in over 47 campuses around the world. We are finally bringing this program to Finland with Hive - the first of its kind in the Nordics.

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All Hive students start with elementary C projects to learn the basics of programming. You will then work on a wide range of real-world projects with your peers and get the full 360-degree experience of code! The curriculum offers more than a hundred projects and is regularly refreshed to stay up-to-date with the demands of the industry.
1. Introduction projects
2. Programming foundations
3. First internship
4. Mastering programming

Skills developed in the program

There are 16 skills you can develop at Hive. By completing projects and mastering these skills students develop their own unique competence and are prepared for diverse challenges and creative opportunities.

  1. Algorithms & AI

    Take command with calculations, patterns and rules to conquer solved and unsolved problems.

  2. Imperative programming

    Discover the paradigm of statements and the “how” behind your programs.

  3. Graphics

    Light up those pixels and use mathematics to create simulations, visualizations and games.

  4. Technology integration

    Create new solutions to diverse real-world problems by bending technology to your will and applying it.

  5. Network & system admin

    Build and maintain systems and create the connections between hardware, software, and other things.

  6. Databases & data

    Learn how the storage and analysis of data and its application are the foundations and future of technology.

  7. Object oriented programming

    Discover abstraction, programming with actions and data, and how to simplify and make code efficient.

  8. Functional programming

    Where mathematics and programming meet to create functions for advanced computation.

  9. Parallel computing

    Combine networking with programming to process large data sets and unleash connected computing power.

  10. Security

    Defend your systems, networks and workstations to ensure the safety of your servers, data and users.

  11. Web

    Create new experiences, and recreate existing platforms, sites and applications to better understand them.

  12. Ruby

    Combine programming paradigms in a dynamic reflective language.

  13. UNIX

    Learn about the operating systems behind the majority of servers in production today.

  14. Work experience

    Gain skills from jobs and internships and share your newfound knowledge with the Hive community.

  15. Adaption & creativity

    Challenge your imagination and develop your own unique problem solving skills.

  16. Organization

    Gather and share ideas with others and create manageable environments for the future.