Hire a Hiver

To complete Hivers’ education as coders, Hive's curriculum includes two obligatory internships. These internships give the highly motivated Hivers a real-life understanding of what working as a coder means in context of working life. These internships are also a great opportunity to any company looking for skilled talent to catch them early on their careers. If you are interested in hiring a Hiver, you can submit your open internship positions on the recruiting platform throughout the year.

What to expect from a Hiver?


Through peer-to-peer working

By working closely with others Hivers learn how to work in teams, manage their time, advance projects, communicate effectively and resolve conflicts.

Passion & Autonomy

Through rigorous selection and studies

Hivers need to love what they do and demonstrate a high level of curiosity and determination. They enjoy being challenged and can be quite resourceful.

Creative problem solving

Through deep understanding of C

In Hive, students learn how to learn. Hivers first concentrate on language C. By concentrating on C, Hivers learn how to be creative and solve problems from day one.


Through diversity

Hivers can integrate into any company due to their ability of working in teams and with people of different levels and backgrounds. They also learn fast and easily adopt new technologies.


Through attention to detail

Hivers can both understand a problem on a big picture level while also having great attention to detail. They understand a software needs to function 100% and will strive for that no matter how many tries it takes.


Throughout the year, Hivers are on the look-out for internships in great companies.


Whether you’re looking to give a lecture, organize events or suggest other forms of collaboration, we’d love to chat!

How Hive's internships work

First internship

Around 4 to 6 months long

The first internship is the first opportunity for Hivers to enter the working life as coders. This obligatory first internship can be reached after the student has finalized their basic studies. These basic studies last for around 8 months. Hivers are looking for 4 to 6 month long internships where they can truly showcase their understanding of code, creativity, ambition and the hunger to learn more.

Second internship

Around 6 months long

Hive's curriculums second obligatory and final internship finalizes Hivers's learning and education at Hive - it's the last step before entering the world as a coder. For this internship, Hivers are looking for around a 6 month long internship position where they can apply all theirs learnings from their in-depth mastery studies. These mastery studies last around 18 months, and give the students an opportunity to dive deeper into their favorite coding themes and specialize in the different topics that Hive's curriculum offers.