Hive + Formal degree

Hive Helsinki’s educational partner Business College Helsinki helps students who do not yet possess an upper secondary level degree, a chance to complete it while studying at Hive.



Studying at Hive Helsinki does not grant the students an official degree.
Hive’s pedagogy leans on the idea that what matters the most is what our students can do and that our students can demonstrate their knowledge through projects they’ve done.
However, Hive wants to open doors to different career options and we recognize that some of these paths may require an official degree.

What and when?

Completing Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology ensures that you can apply to any Universities in Finland. Opting for the degree of a Software Developer is recommended for our students who do not already hold an upper secondary level degree.
You can read more about studies at Business College Helsinki from here

Hive students need to apply for degree studies before entering their first internship. You can apply for degree studies after you’ve studied at Hive Helsinki for six months.

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