Our people

To give the next generation of coding talent the best education, we have lined-up a team of passionate and experienced individuals from various backgrounds who will make extraordinary things happen at Hive.

The Team

Oona Ylänkö


Oona leads the Hive team, and ensures the foundation continues to fulfill its mission of providing future-proof skills for coders from all paths of life. Oona believes that technology alone won’t solve the problems of tomorrow, but teams made up of individuals who think differently and work well together will.

Jordane Gengo

CTO, Bocal

Jordane ensures both pedagogy and peer-to-peer learning are successful at Hive. For Jordane, education signifies a key to a better world, and that’s why it should be accessible for everyone - no matter their background or identity. As a professional, Jordane is a hard-working individual who has a voracious thirst for knowledge.

Paula Lantran

Developer & UX, Bocal

Making sure Hivers can grow into coding professionals in the best possible pedagogical environment, is Paula’s key responsibility. She believes education should constantly be developed – with a good amount of revolutionary spirit. Besides taking care of the pedagogical questions, Paula is a web developer, and creates and improves the tools at Hive.

Emilia Puschmann

Career Services & HR

Emilia develops career support for Hivers, and leads internal HR. Her result-drivenness and background in recruiting helps both students and companies find the perfect match for their employment needs. By building relationships with companies across industries, Emilia ensures Hivers are facing a diverse set of employment opportunities.

Niklas Tenovuo


Niklas is responsible for the operations at Hive, which include a wide variety of tasks aiming to ensure smooth day-to-day operations both for the students and the Hive team. Niklas’ most important responsibility areas are finances, premises, admissions and student aid.

Jani Mäkelä


Jani is a Technical and Pedagogical Bocal Member, whose role includes developing tools and solving problems to improve the student experience. As a professional, Jani is passionate about problem-solving and absorbing new technologies. The most valuable thing Hive has taught to Jani, is re-defining mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Esa Halmkrona


As a Technical and Pedagogical Bocal Member, Esa is maintaining the school technologically and pedagogically. Bocal team develops tools for the whole Hive community but also for internal use. Thanks to his background in education, Esa has a broad view about the field and Hive’s role in it. Esa is especially interested in accessibility of education and collaborative learning.

Elodie Magnier

Administrative Assistant

Elodie provides all around on-site administrative support at Hive. Her responsibilities include dealing with daily office matters, as well as advising students throughout the admission process and assisting them with potential difficulties.

Who are we?

Curious & passionate

We set the quality bar to our students by showcasing what quality means to us. Quality is highly subjective, but we are all motivated by continuous improvements and personal development.

Fair, fact-based & focused

Our applicants are a truly diverse bunch. In order to serve them the best, most fair and equal way, we aim to make decisions that are informed by proven facts, and avoid making too many assumptions.

Independent & responsible

Our team is made up of multitalented individuals – all owners of their specific area of expertise. We might not always agree on everything, nor do we have to, but we respect our colleagues' decisions.

The Board

Linda Liukas


Author of Hello Ruby and founder of Rails Girl, a global movement to teach young women programming in over 300 cities, Linda has 10 years of experience in the field of coding and learning. She will bring her fresh perspective to Hive and support its mission of getting more young and diverse people into coding.

Jaakko Lehtinen

Board member

From self-taught coder at the age of 7 to Researcher at NVIDIA and Professor at Aalto University, Jaakko has one foot on the world academic stage and another in the ambitious technology startup scene. He is excited about the education model Hive is bringing to Finland and will support its development.

Drussila Hollanda

Board member

With 15+ years in the games industry, working in multidisciplinary teams and leading people, Drussila has been inspired to tackle the lack of coding talent and diversity in tech with education. As a Project Lead in Supercell, she led the founding of Hive, and acted as Interim CEO during the school's building phase.

Petteri Koponen

Board Member

VC and Founder of Lifeline Ventures, Petteri has been a board member and Chairman of various startups, including Supercell, Varjo and Wolt. A serial entrepreneur, he's founded 5 companies, including Jaiku, acquired by Google. His impressive network within the industry will be an asset to Hive.