Ecole 42's students explain how the program works and why they love it

A new kind of education

Hive offers a fast-track path to coding. Our higher-education level studies are based on collaborative project-based learning and last on average 12 to 18 months. The studies are unique and designed for creative individuals who have an open-mind.

The studies are free of charge and our students are eligible for financial student aid by Kela. You need to be a EU-citizen or have a valid residence permit to study at Hive.

Peer-to-peer learning

Our model removes the teacher in favor of collaborative learning between students.

Through collaboration, students have to seek and share knowledge, solve real-world problems and reach goals – together. Your projects are subject to peer review. You develop teamwork and communications skills that are are as important as coding in the working life.

Project-based learning

Like any other craft, you learn coding by doing.

At Hive, instead of learning a lot of theory that might never be applied in real life, you get increasingly difficult programming challenges to solve in teams. You learn to look for the theory and tools you need. Ultimately, you learn how to learn.

Open 24/7

The school is always open and we encourage you to take full advantage of it.

We recognize individuals are productive at different times of the day or have their schedules affected by life situations. Hive provides you with a safe and cozy environment and the best possible conditions to work and learn together, at any time of the day.

Flexible timeframe

Hive does not offer schedules or timetables.

Students get milestones and recommended deadlines, but it’s up to you if you use more or less time than advised. The core studies are designed to last around 1,5 years, though some will progress faster, some slower. It’s results that matter. No two paths are the same.

Gamified experience

Our studies progression is inspired by game mechanics that make the experience more fun and engaging.

You complete projects to get experience points, level up and unlock new branches. Master different skills, complete quests and achievements.

Get ready for work

Gain extraordinary coding skills and the ability to create in a team.

Hive will prepare you to meet the needs of both leading tech companies and start-ups across industries. You might even get inspired to start your own company. 30% of students from our partner school Ecole 42 have done just that.

Two-part higher educational level program