Piscine: 4 weeks of immersive training

The Piscine is a totally new and immersive experience, in which only motivation, curiosity and hard work will keep you afloat. This 4-week basic training is the last step of the admissions process and a once in-a-lifetime experience!

3-year higher education level program

4 weeks of coding

This is not another bootcamp. The Piscine lasts four weeks, including weekends, day and sometimes, night. You’ll be coding your heart out with other candidates, all hoping to earn the same prize: to enroll as a full-time student at Hive.

No experience required

We only ask that you can use a mouse and a keyboard. Everyone, regardless of background, will get hands-on tasks from day one, face the exact same challenges at the same time, and be pushed to collaborate with each other.

It’s not a competition

Collaboration is essential to succeed in the real world and so it is in Hive. Everyone around you will be in the same boat and therefore, there’s no need to compete. Everyone that swims will get in.