Hivin’ at Winter Assembly 2024

Assembly is the biggest gaming festival and demoparty in Finland. It’s a 4-day extravaganza where gaming, esports, digital culture, and art come together. Even though you don’t need to be a gamer or be excited about games to study at Hive Helsinki, our staff and students were happy to represent Hive at the event and meet the vibrant community at Assembly!

Hive at Winter Assembly 2024 (img1)

On top of being an official partner, we rounded up a team of volunteer students to attend the event. Finding volunteers was not a problem as our students are really awesome and always willing to help spread the word about Hive. (But of course, a free 4-day premium lounge ticket and free lunch might have helped a bit)

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The beginning of the first day was pretty relaxed as the LAN-party participants were building their creative and wonderfully bizarre setups.

Hive at Winter Assembly 2024 (img3)

Later the action really kicked off and with the lights turned off there was an amazing ambiance at the venue. Tournaments, shows, competitions, and people buzzing around. Our student volunteers really enjoyed the vibe and many returned the next day to hang out in their own spare time.

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The Hive Helsinki curriculum

Hive Helsinki’s curriculum focuses on creating a solid all-round understanding of programming; imperative programming in C, object-oriented programming in C++, data structures & algorithms, concurrent programming, network programming, networks and systems administration, graphics programming, and full-stack web development. This gives you the opportunity to pursue many different career paths.

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Learn game development

If you’re into game development, the core studies at Hive are the perfect foundation to set you up on that path. Many of our alumni have found jobs in companies such as Supercell and Redhill Games and some have even started their own gaming companies (check out Skyward Entertainment, for example!) In fact, as an alumni, you get access to the Hive Helsinki Mastery Studies and there are a whole bunch of game development projects you can use to hone your skills in that direction. All the alumni have free lifetime access to the whole library of Mastery Studies.

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Building for the future

At the moment we have numerous students who are steering their studies towards a future career in the gaming industry. They are setting up a group for like-minded people interested in game development, to be able to share tips, contacts, and support and help each other and future Hivers reach their dreams.

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